What does a VA do?

I bring added value to your business by taking over the mundane routine tasks for you, freeing up your time to actually earn an income rather than spending time on administrative tasks which, although necessary, don’t generate that vital income. The cost is often less than it would you cost you to employ a full time Assistant, as you only pay for the hours I work and have no liability for any Income Tax or National Insurance in relation to my services.. Time spent working solely for you is recorded and information provided on the invoice as to the date and amount of time. You will be invoiced at the end of each and payment is expected to be made by bank transfer, to reach my business account no later than the following Wednesday.

I can do as little (or as much) as you wish me to do, from updating your accounting spreadsheet, to dealing with emails and phone calls. I can transcribe meetings for you from recordings, produce Minutes for Board meetings, manage our diary, in fact just about any administration, through to updating your social media. I will even proof read your blog posts for you, proof read your documents and letters or create templates for documents and letters if you have that need.

If you have a special project you need help on then I can assist in that and bring creative ideas to you if you wish, as well as researching topics and also researching other skill sets.

What will it cost me?

That is entirely up to you. At the outset you will be asked to define precisely what you need or what your end goal is, and after a discussion I can agree how many hours you would like to assign to the task. You might feel you only want one hour, you may wish to book four or five hours, or even more. You could decide you would like a set number of hours spread over several weeks or even several months. Perhaps there is one task you would like me to do regularly for just an hour or two a week or a month? Charges are by the hour and if your task looks likely to exceed the set hours, I will always come back to you to discuss the issues and decide on the way forward. Life is rarely straightforward and I do appreciate that your needs may change part way through any assignment, but I will always endeavour to adapt to achieve a satisfactory outcome for you.

I don’t publish an hourly rate online. I prefer to discuss your requirement with you direct and offer you a tailored package, suited to your individual needs and assignments. Use the Contact Me page to message me or simply give me a ring, or look me up on LinkedIn. Let’s connect and see what I can do to work with you to help you prosper and grow!

Where do you start?

Do you have a “to do” list that never seems to migrate into a “done” list? Then prioritise the tasks and decide where you would like me to start on that list. Let’s make turn that “to do” list into a “did it yesterday” list and move your business forward.

If you don’t have a to do list but are aware that certain regular tasks just don’t get the attention they deserve, turn those tasks into a list and hand it over to me. Whether they are one off tasks or regular tasks, let me take them on for you whilst you concentrate on important areas of your business.

Do you constantly feel stressed and under pressure? Identify those areas of your business that cause those feelings and pass those tasks on to me to deal with, so that I can ease the stress and pressure and help to free up your time to be more profitable.

Do you feel your site or your business is not betting the viewings or the footfall it deserves? Set a schedule for promoting your business or updating your social media sites, tell me what you would like to highlight or focus on, and then let me raise your social media or website profile on a weekly basis.

If you are still unsure

As to what value I can bring to your business, book a chat with me and let’s see if there areas I can help you with. A 20 – 30 minute chat may bring something to light that you need but have not yet been able to clearly identify.

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