If you came to me via an Agency, then you will have contracted via the Agency.

If you instruct me direct, then you will be required to enter into a direct contract with me before I undertake any assignment on your behalf. The contract will specify precisely what tasks you wish me to undertake on your behalf and the time allotted to each task. If it transpires that insufficient time has been allotted to a particular task or your requirements change, those changes will be agreed via direct emails and copies of the emails will be added to the contract pages. At no time will you ever be billed for any additional hours which have not been agreed prior to that work.

I will need quite a lot of information from you at the outset and it might assist you to look at the following questions and think about your responses and the information that I will need in order to discuss your needs and move forward (that meeting is known as “onboarding”).

This section is currently under construction!

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