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How Can I Help You?

With over 40 years experience in commerce, in many different roles, I have a vast amount of knowledge and understanding to draw from, including running my own business for many years.

I left school with little idea what I wanted to do but with a fistful of exam passes, including English Language and Literature, together with qualifications which made me an excellent Secretary/P.A. Through a variety of roles in different companies I eventually became P.A. to the Group Internal Audit Manager of the Littlewoods Organisation (just one step below a Director, which the Manager did actually become). Administration and organisation became my bywords, as did my Work Smart attitude. Littlewoods sent me to Millbank Commercial College on day release, where I studied Commerce, English Language, and furthered my typing and shorthand skills.

When I married and moved away from Liverpool I was employed as P.A. to a Partner in a Law Firm. Very soon my abilities, adaptability, and commonsense approach, together with my warm personality and ready humour, meant I was offered training to become a fee earner, mainly in residential conveyancing and private client work.

I have always retained my P.A. skills throughout my progress in the various law firms, and also kept up up with the advances in technology. I have on many occasions been able to work on a “stand alone” basis dealing with my own files from start to finish, including all typing, drafting, emails, meeting notes, reports etc. I have prepared templates for documents (Microsoft Word/Google Docs), Excel spreadsheets, etc to assist my Work Smart attitude. If the computer can make life easier and progress swifter, then use it, let it work for you and not vice versa!

From 2005, I ran my own successful locum residential conveyancer business, walking in to a variety of different law firms across the South West when a fee earner was absent for any reason and effectively picking up their workload and running their files for the firm – something the firm’s clients appreciated as it meant no opportunity to progress the various matters was missed. However, COVID-19 has changed the property market and how law firms work. Now is the ideal time for me to drop the reins on that aspect of my working life and look to work from home, doing what I do best – helping people to achieve their goals. Before COVID-19 the goal I focused on was helping people buy and/or sell their properties. Now my focus has shifted and I want to help people establish, maintain, and grow their business. Small businesses and sole traders are struggling at this time and very often the mundane admin side of the business takes over meaning opportunities are missed as owners become bogged down with work that merely keeps their business surviving, rather than thriving. That is where I can help you!

Perhaps you have a business idea that you would like to develop but are not keen on developing the process for your administration needs – I can help you with all the background admin, creating templates for you, assisting you with your website, your emails, your invoicing, in fact all those boring but necessary tasks. You can concentrate on looking for opportunities and developing your business, bringing in an income, whilst I deal with the routine day to day matters.

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